Complete reassurance and support

However we work with you, you’ll find us ready with a quality service and a reliable back-up team. Whatever the requirement, we can provide:

Round-the-clock cover

Our systems are specially designed to deliver optimal, long-lasting performance with the minimum of servicing and maintenance. Plus we provide 24 hr, 365-day on-site servicing and maintenance cover tailored to your needs, providing complete peace of mind.

Ongoing support

Our customer support teams are on hand with friendly, expert assistance before, during and after every project. Moreover, our client training programmes and technical support ensure you gain maximum benefit from your fitted systems.

Total quality

We apply stringent quality controls to everything we do, from consultation, supply of equipment, the installation, the commissioning and finally the servicing to all our customer interactions. Our BAFE – SP203, ISO 9000 standards accreditations and membership of professional fire protection associations stand as beacons to our quality culture and insistence.